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Michael Mashkautsan born February 8, 1962 in a small Moldovan town of Calarasi, a humble cobbler and the family of weavers, who raised four children. As a child Michael was seriously engaged in sports. After high school, graduated from the College of Physical Education. He reached the candidate master in artistic gymnastics. But future profession has defined his second passion - music. Taught himself to play guitar in the youth groups polish skills at weddings, concerts, dance floors. In 1989, having serious competition and only one of the applicants received a "5" on a specialty, was enlisted in the Kishinev Institute of Arts, the pop-jazz department on guitar. Filled with Michael all the famous "blue Moon" by George Gershwin and the legendary blues guitarist Joe Pass conquered the selection committee.

At the same time began to try himself as a composer. In 1991, with her daughter Ella, which in effect made a successful career in international modeling business, immigrated to Israel. In 1995 Michael released the author's collection of music notation "Music for Two". It includes tunes written in different genres - from tango and foxtrot, to jazz instrumental pieces.

In 1999 there were published just two compact disc - "The love does not keep quiet" and "Submission." Songs of the discs has not yet seldom heard on Russian radio stations. Michael - a frequent guest on radio and television. In 2001, Michael invited to try their hand at a new quality in the show, dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky. Israeli director Boaz Fayfer said Mikhail game not only as a professional musician, but also as a talented actor, who played in this performance the role of the bartender.


Within the project "Not Russian chanson" drive out Michael with his songs in this genre. In 2002, Michael began collaboration with the poet Helen Kott. They co-written over 70 songs, among which are especially popular romances.

In 2004 Michael invited to international festival of song, which was held at the International House of Music. The concert was attended by stars of the genre: B. Shtokolov, E. Nesterenko, EA Obraztsova, S. Zakharov. R. Ibragimov, E. Doga, L. Ryumin, N. Bregvadze, A. Reznikov, who sang two songs of Michael and Helen Kott Mashkautsana with great success.

Later Michael has participated in solo concert of Anna Reznikova, which was devoted to romance, and which was held in Moscow in the House of Scientists. In this concert, Anna, just successfully performed the songs of these authors.

Russia's famous singer Larisa Lusta sang several songs Mashkautsana M. and E. Kott Moscow KZ them. Tchaikovsky. One of the bottom Larissa sang with a guitar Michael - author of music, and the second song to the accompaniment of the national ensemble of folk instruments. NP Osipova. Both the song had great success with the audience.

In 2008, the BKZ "October" in St.Petersburg, Michael participated in the festival, where his songs written in the words of the poetess Helen Kott, sounded, accompanied by pop Symphony Orchestra under Medvedev, and sang these songs famous Israeli actress and Film, TV presenter Natalia Manor. Piterskaya production company produces recordings chansons disc titled "Home". Michael is often invited to cooperate, both Israeli and foreign artists. Now Michael Mashkautsan working to see.

Copyright © 2009 Michael Mashkautsan. All rights reserved.Photo by Dima Brickman