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Michael Bilkovsky

Michael Bilkovsky – "Mike", was born in Moscow. While he had studying in medical college, was started to write poems and translations, to play with many rock bands – infamous, but really claimed in poor for rock in the beginning of 80-th.

And also continued to learn smashing on drums, screaming, making guitar suffer and write some material…

In the 1990 year, Mike will immigrate to Israel. Emigration wasn’t do any affect on his creative work, and he started to collaborate with famous Israeli musicians, took part in many musical projects, including collaboration with famous guitarist and vocalist Nick Kishenevsky. Songs on Mike's lyrics was played not once on popular Russian-Israeli TV and radio stations.

In 2001 he released his debut solo album "Running from the fate", in which

He wrote lyrics and melodies with arrange by brilliant guitarist Michael Mashkautsan,

Ilia Berkovich(mastering), Oleg Yangurov(bass and keyboards) – "Funky

House Band". Today Mike is a famous author of the biggest poetic internet portals. He makes ready to release some collection of poems –

"Farewell Rock & Roll". For more information about Michael, you can enter

To his official site  http://belkovsky.sitecity.ru/

Anatoly Line
Leonid Detzelman

LEONID DETZELMAN is the winner of the "jazz player 2006". He
keyboard and Leonid resumed practicing the music he loved. His initial studies were with the classical piano, but later turned to the jazz and improvisation field where Leonid is now devoting his time and energy to his studies. He graduated from the high school and from the Interdisciplinary Music Department of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance with special honours. He have studied for 4 years with the grate pianists Nahum Perferkovitch and Vyacheslav Ganelin. In 2003 he participated in the international jazz festival in Tel-Aviv. In 2006 he presented Israel in the IASJ jazz meeting in USA. Currently Leonid performs like a jazz pianist and composer, teaches and performs like a keybordist and accordionist with the famous singer Yehuda Poliker and many other groops with different kinds of music. was born in Russia and began taking piano lessons at the age of six. His family immigrated to Israel in 1991. Because his piano was sold, Leonid was left without an instrument for two years. Leonid’s father was finally able to purchase an electric



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